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Sandy Shantz says that "POLITICIANS ARE HUMAN TOO"

Really? Good to know because sometimes their behaviour is decidedly less than human. The article written by Paige Desmond of the K-W Record on March 5, 2016  is extremely interesting and in fact a little bizarre. It's bizarre in that there is a very clear picture of Sandy Shantz dancing in the foreground with former mayor Bill Strauss. Guess what is in the background albeit still very clear? One more unheralded election expense violation by our illustrious mayor Shantz. 

This violation was given by me in time to the Crown Prosecutor who sat on it along with all the other strong evidence and bullshitted the Court by advising that it was not in the public interest to proceed with charges. HORSE MANURE'  Sandy Shantz broke several different commands in the Municipal Elections Act (MEA) and this one publicly displayed in the Record was simply the last one that I caught. Last but Good Lord she'd been ordered by the Judge (Justice David Broad) prior to it to this time include ALL her legitimate election expenses in her third or fourth Financial Statements. 

This last expense was part of her election campaign as the MEA clearly indicates that any party for the victorious candidates, supporters, campaign workers etc. must also be included in her expenses. The photograph shows her dancing at the Elmira Curling Club with a professional, live, for hire band playing in the background. With assistance I have identified the one band member clearly shown and he is indeed a professional musician who charges for his work. Yet again Sandy conveniently did not include that expense in her campaign as ordered by both the legislation (MEA) and by Justice David Broad.  

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