Thursday, March 16, 2023


 The first is via the old, worn out municipal council system. To say that Woolwich Council has been 100% awful over the last seventy years would be an exaggeration. There have been individual good councillors mixed in with the status quo, change nothing majority of people running for office. They are there to preserve privilege and the wealth in a few hands only. I believe however that 90% awful is a more accurate estimate.

Our current council has one tired out, long ago ready to retire Mayor combined with a one term prior councillor and four newbies. I see some great potential with this council as they get their legs under themselves and see which way the wind is blowing. That wind may be blowing in the direction of less tolerance for excuses and delay in taking environmental steps to combat climate change, groundwater contamination and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in our waterways. 

I also see new and younger citizens in Woolwich and Elmira who have heard the odd story about our destroyed groundwater aquifers as well as the past sorry state of the Canagagigue Creek. What they want is information and facts which allow them to make informed decisions. They are also smart enough and skeptical enough to know that vested interests gild the lily and blatantly lie in their own self-interest. Hence the occasional story in the media about local conditions may not be enough for them. First hand discussions and talks with local activists who have been long in the trenches may be required. Especially so as they realize that some of these activists have been intentionally sidelined by lazy media and or unscrupulous polluters and their political friends.  

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