Wednesday, March 15, 2023


 Who cares about that? The real question is whether the proposed truck parking lot by 39A Holdings on top of the former Bolender Park Landfill will adversely affect the explosive methane underneath and or increase horizontal methane migration to the buildings east, north and west of the site. 

First of all there is no doubt as all measurements, by all parties, indicate explosive levels and higher of methane still on site. Secondly there is also no doubt that there has been a Gas Collection System on site for decades. Thirdly there is no doubt that there have been serious, professional concerns about the efficacy of the Gas Collection System starting in 1986 and eventually resulting in a recommendation to remove/abandon the system in 1998, twenty-five years ago which somewhat seriously undermines claims by R.J. Burnside that GHD or anybody else "decommissioned" the gas collection system recently allegedly because it was no longer needed. It's needed as much now as it was needed back in 1983 and sooner.    

CRA (Conestoga Rovers) reports have indicated that methane migrates horizontally faster in winter than in summer. I am currently also looking for reports I've read suggesting that snow on the ground surface inhibits vertical venting and increases horizontal migration. Regardless I feel that any surface covering whether technically "impermeable" or not is likely to further inhibit vertical venting. After all a relatively small and short lived landfill continues to produce and discharge methane to this day. Clearly venting of the methane gas to date has not been remotely robust or adequate to improve conditions and safety.

Further weird claims by R.J. Burnside suggest that the western end of the methane plume, near the former Paleshi garage, is not from the Bolender Park Landfill garbage. Really? That literally is a new one after fourty years of reports. Care to advise where it is coming from otherwise? I have an idea which for the moment I'll keep to myself.

So gas controls are still needed based upon concentrations greater than both 20% LEL and greater than the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) itself. The proponent however apparently with Woolwich Planning Dep't assistance is looking for a loophole around Ministry of Environment (Guideline D-4) regulations stating that properties requiring methane gas controls cannot be developed within 20 metres of the perimeter of the property.  Woolwich Council, for safety reasons needs to keep that site totally undeveloped until AFTER the explosive methane is long gone.   

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