Wednesday, March 22, 2023


 TAG or Technical Advisory Group has gone grossly downhill since the resignation of Dr. Richard Jackson at the end of 2016. That said his were extremely large shoes to fill and almost nobody could have done it. The Agenda this month isn't much with the new format for TAG and RAC being front and centre. I also note that there is a new report titled "Revised East Side Groundwater Report March 6, 2023" that I do not recall receiving lately or at all. If so then we are off to a bad start with this new and improved TAG committee. We also have a new Support person which I applaud (I don't know her??) although I must admit that the old one, Lisa Schaefer, ended up being significantly better, friendlier and more cooperative than I had expected.

What has been lacking in spades from TAG is backbone. Backbone not technical expertise is what is needed for citizens to overcome the lethargy, apathy and just plain corruption of the system. TAG members appear to be satisfied to look at a report, offer polite criticisms and then accept at face value whatever pathetic excuses and bull Lanxess Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP) offer up. Stacking "citizen" committees with experts working in the field whose companies rely on the goodwill of the MECP, Lanxess or GHD (consultants) for business and contracts guarantees a tame committee which is exactly what polluters and their fellow travellors including politicians want. 

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