Monday, March 27, 2023


 No morals, no ethics and no consideration for the public interest. It's all about backdoor, private deals first followed by selling a pile of B/S to the public as well as to municipal councillors. Everything is on the menu including blatant lying, subtle lying, gilding the lily, buying expert opinions, hiding evidence when possible, burying opponents under a mountain of paperwork and reports mostly which are irrelevant and mostly to distract from the real issues. 

You might think that I'm venting in regards to lawyers. Well O.K. some of them have earned criticism albeit not all . No I'm venting about consultants gilding the lily and writing glowing reports for clients in order to further their interests whether or not at the expense of John Q. Public. The public as well as the environment often end up mostly unrepresented at meetings, hearings and other judicial or semi judicial proceedings. Tomorrow night is a Woolwich Council meeting and the obfuscation, lily gilding, junk science and weasel wording will be on full display regarding the proposed truck parking on top of the former Bolender Landfill. It can be seen and heard either virtually or in person although there are hoops and loops to jump through regardless of which you choose. In my opinion Covid has further damaged democracy as it continues to be used as a method of blocking citizen access to their duly elected representatives.

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