Friday, March 24, 2023


 First of all there she was again watching over her creation. Lanxess and the Ministry of Environment can't be bothered attending as usual and yet there she is. Why? Her Chair Tiffany is well paid and knows her place and her job. So what was bothering Sandy? Her own Council clearly have taken appropriate exception to the terms of reference for TAG. A package was handed out that says it all. Committees of Council are supposed to be accessible for the public to see, hear and comment or ask questions on. This Sandy finds abhorent as myself in particular plus other CPAC members made her pay a hefty and public price for being a lying *itch  about CPAC during 2015. We took her to court for her election expenses and exposed her way too flexible moral and legal code.

TAG members are starting to actually push in regards to the ever declining on and off-site pumping. They are asking some hard questions and NOT being mollified by Tiffany's bland assurances that hydraulic containment is not being lost. They are also suggesting that above and beyond containment, the fact is that less contaminant mass is being removed with the lower pumping rates at various wells. Sebastian tied that in with Lanxess Canada simply finding a way to save money at the environment's expense. 

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