Saturday, March 11, 2023


So who is actually running the municipality whether the big cities or whether the Townships? In theory at least it is the elected politicians. Perhaps in fact though it is senior staff including the CAO. Here in Woolwich we seem to have a tradition of not firing the CAO when there is a major turnover on Council. That tradition is not necessarily a good thing. 

The extent of negligence, incompetence and dishonesty in regards to the Bolender Park Landfill by decades of successive Woolwich Councils is beyond belief. Never have so many councillors and unqualified, uninformed persons made such a mess of such a mess. The initial location was so bad that even the province of Ontario via the Ontario Water Resources Commission (OWRC) ordered its' shutdown. They did the same thing with the First St. Landfill also conveniently located beside the Canagagigue Creek. 

My reading of R. J. Burnside's Guideline D-4  Report indicates that there is to be NO development within 20 metres of the perimeter of former landfills that are subject to methane gas controls. That the Bolender Park Landfill has been under such a regimen for decades is undisputed.  Also likely undisputed although certainly conveniently ignored is the fact that methane gas is still present at numerous locations well above government safety criterion (20% LEL & higher).  

So how do you justify anything much less a truck parking lot on top of the former landfill? Seems simple to me. Ignore your consultants advice (GHD-2016 & 2017) to make a new Remedial Action Plan to deal with methane concentration exceedances and ignore ongoing dangerous methane concentrations in 2021 measured by a different consultant (R. J. Burnside). SO... what you are essentially doing is making a mockery of the law AND at the same time ignoring the safety of a nearby factory (pet food), public park & splashpad (Bolender) and residential homes to the east (Charles St, High St, George St. etc.). All this in order to put a major truck parking lot within the town limits and further erode local residents right to enjoy their property and not die prematurely from diesel truxck exhaust fumes.   


  1. All the trouble began when certain bureaucrats at all levels and certain political hacks completely usurped the private property owners right to do what is right and good with his own property. This out of towner got the blunt brunt end of local corrupt politics and they publicly shit on him. Now they are gonna get what they deserve! The previous and also current regime (because of the bureaucrats who are still in place) will not mess around much now that Brubacher has come into the picture to clean things up for them. It's another coverup job by the power hunger Fabian bureaucrats who seem to have this insatiable lust to push private property owners around (and punish them under color of law) those that are just simply not compliant enough to the bureaucrats private BIAS'S (illegitimate daydreaming) of the narcissistic current class of bureaucrats who are FABIAN TOOLS! (a weaponized bureaucracy out for themselves and their perverted viewpoints) They are Liberals infected by fake socialism. The endgame that these idiots have not figured out yet, is that the end radical socialists who try to control other people's private property and freewill always gets the dictator they deserve. Once radical socialists screw everything up a dictator must always emerge.

  2. O.K. here goes. I often don't respond or comment to comments that I'm unsure of. So let me say this: Some of the comments above I agree with, some if I understand them correctly I don't agree with and finally there are some comments above I don't understand and hence have no comment. All that being said there is absolutely nothing wrong with either one of us disagreeing on some points with the other.

  3. Look no further than the gravel pits and the chemical companies and compare to the reality that Elmira drinking water has been poisoned and nothing of substance has ever been done about it. I think it is what it is, because corrupt bureaucrats and many modern politicians and media are actually in favor of depopulation. The way these bureaucrats are acting nowadays almost makes me want to join their side on a bad day. It's a Darwinian Machiavellian nightmare and it is becoming a reality in Woolwich. Politicians come and go but it is the bureaucrats AT ALL LEVELS that are the common denominator to all our trouble.

  4. the special interests and the bureaucrats present their options /requests, and the politicians get to pick and choose what they support out of the options presented or just stay quiet and get out of their responsibility or worst yet delegate or hire a consultant or committee to do their dirty work for them. Politicians are regularly replaced except for the really persistent ones but when is the last time a bureaucrats or staff member was fired for screwing everything up or wasting all our time and money??? The fix is in and it is a disaster.