Thursday, March 9, 2023


Give credit where credit is due. Our governments are world class liars. Lying to them is an art form that far transcends truth and honesty. Governments feel that the ends often justify the means especially when the ends are less disdain for politicians and democracy and the means are mere lying.

 The other problem for politicians is that their reputation proceeds them. They are also incompetent and hence even when they make honest mistakes people naturally assume that they are just lying again. So is the nonsense around a clay cap over the Bolender Landfill in Elmira, Ontario to prevent methane venting more lies or just an honest mistake. In other words the clay cap may have been installed (I'm doubtful) and if it was it likely was to prevent rain water infiltration which adds to leachate migration etc. We the public have been told in various technical reports that the new gravel additions are necessary for parking large trucks but asphalt and concrete are not permitted precisely because they are impermeable and would block vertical methane release into the atmosphere. 

Regarding Heidelberg the lying is mostly by omission. Allegedly the "infrastructure" in Heidelberg is worn and outdated and hence needs replacement. Oddly though the overall effect of this Environmental Assessment is to shut down the Heidelberg Wells and use the next door St. Clements wells for both communities. How quant and how convenient. Absolutely no mention of long time Woolwich councillor and mayor Bill Strauss's shaky environmental record concerning groundwater contamination in both Heidelberg and Elmira (Strauss Fuels). No mention of years and years of remediation at the corner of Kressler and Lobsinger Line to clean up the contaminated groundwater his garage left behind. From my experience studying groundwater contamination in Elmira and more, I have few doubts that initial shallow contamination from his garage eventually ended up in the deeper aquifers supplying the Heidelberg Wells. How much and for how long would require further study which oddly the Region of Waterloo has not publicly made available. Is the fact that mayor Strauss was also a Regional Councillor for many years the reason why?   

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