Monday, March 20, 2023


 Legal as in laws passed to ensure their ongoing profiteering at the expense of the public interest that is.  The aggregate industry (sand & gravel) just like the chemical industry are full of liars. The public interest is mostly irrelevant to them whereas the interests of their shareholders are paramount. These interests have been augmented for decades by donations to the governing provincial party at the time. This has ensured constantly favourable treatment at the hands of the OMB and now the OLT (Ontario Land Tribunal). Municipalities are running scared especially as they can be held liable for costs if they lose a hearing at the OLT.

Today's Waterloo Region Record has an article by Paige Desmond titled "Woolwich settles for a gravel pit". Woolwich Township just like Wilmot had sent signals that they were not in favour of the neverending proliferation of unecessary gravel pits in Waterloo Region's townships. When push came to shove however, Woolwich just like Wilmot rolled over. Two Woolwich councillors were specifically elected on the basis of opposing the proposed gravel pit on Foerster Rd. just outside the village of Maryhill. All to no avail it would now appear.

The bad guy once again is Capitol Paving the same characters who unsuccessfully (thank god) failed in their bid to build a gravel pit almost beside the famous West Montrose Covered Bridge. Both heritage and citizens' rights and wishes usually mean nothing when gravel pit money is involved .

Is it any wonder that no matter how successful at the poles the provincial Conservatives are they always get thrown out eventually due to their over the top greed, stupidity and pro-business, screw citizens rights attitudes? It's coming whether or not there is an honest viable alternative.

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