Wednesday, March 29, 2023


 Firstly there is far too much communication/socialization between developers, consultants and municipal planning departments. "Familiarity breeds consent" might be the quote I'm thinking of. Secondly credentialism is rampant. In other words hire an intellectual prostitute with a long list of credentials and you are half way or more to obtaining whatever you want. Thirdly the bias at municipalities should be in favour of established residents, businesses and stakeholders. It is not. New business, new industry is always welcomed with open arms despite often times the market being tight and it simply means the new business elbows its' way into the market at the expense of already established businesses. 

Of course then there is the Ontario Land Tribunal. When all else fails threaten to go to the OLT who can be relied upon to find in favour of whatever development is presented to them. Last night at Woolwich Council was disappointing. For whatever reason, and it appears those reasons occur in private, councillors reversed their earlier skepticism and voted in favour of turning the former Bolender Park Landfill into a truck parking lot. Methane be damned appeared to be the mindset. Is it possible that councillors did not read the Tables sent to them by Dr. Dan Holt or did they simply not understand them and yet felt that asking questions about them was not necessary? How can honest and intelligent people not be concerned with explosive levels of methane. Well for one if someone is privately whispering lies into their ears. 

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