Tuesday, January 3, 2023


 The article in today's Waterloo Region Record is titled "Feds eye "variety of options" for gun buyback". It was written by James Bronskill of the Canadian Press. I'm more than a little gobsmacked regarding the whole thing. As I understand it this is our federal government essentially admitting that they have mismanaged the "gun file" for decades and now want to fix both their errors as well as past Conservative governments errors when they were in power. Oh and they want to use taxpayers money (i.e. everybody's money) to do this fix. Now on one hand they claim that there are approximately 1500 makes and models of rifles that are naughty, nasty and open to abuse. Hmm? On the other hand they claim that they the government of Canada recognizes the legitimacy of both hunting and sport shooting. Hmm again. 

I wonder how many Region of Waterloo citizens know how many clubs and organizations have firearms ranges whether indoor or outdoor or both? Hmm St. Jacobs, Elmira, Bridgeport, Kitchener (2), Waterloo. That's six that I know about and I expect there are more. Retail stores would include Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge with lots more not far off. So just out of curiousity I wonder how many of those members and customers, all presumably with legitimate firearms licenses are currently facing firearms or firearms related criminal charges? How big is this problem exactly?

We all know for our safety and health that our governments have managed driving cars and trucks as well as driving licences for many, many decades. How well has that worked? Anybody you know personally, including yourself ever had a serious car accident? How about a minor car accident? I would suggest that enforcement of sober (versus drunk) driving is much better than it used to be. The infraction of speeding seems to be the focus after alcohol abuse behind the wheel. Just about everything else I find is mostly ignored. Tailgating, lack of turn signals, driving slowly in the fast lane, driving below the speed limit in ideal conditions, lack of snow tires in winter, rolling stops etc. etc. rarely result in tickets or enforcement unless there has been an accident. Are there any enforceable rules mandating regular maintenance and check ups of tires, brakes, suspension or steering? Not that I've seen. 

1500 naughty makes and models of rifles are either to be bought by the federal government or rendered inoperable at federal expense. That's an awful lot of federal money going out the door. Now of course it's not all bad for the feds. They are after all actually buying some votes with that money. How may lives if any will be saved? If the feds claim any lives or injuries will be saved then how many per make and model? Sure just like a car slowly rolling down a driveway can kill a child or senior so to can a mishandled single shot .22 calibre rifle do the same. Any incompetence or negligence of almost anything can result in a serious accident. Just look at our on the job injuries and fatalities in Canada. It's not a pretty picture. So by all means lets chase after 1500 makes and models of rifles that if either by negligence, mental sickness or criminal activity can cause harm. After that we can go after... let's see:  knives, baseball bats, hockey sticks, pickup trucks for sure, fast cars with aggressive styling you name it. It's a dangerous world out there and taxpayers and voters need to be constantly reminded of it.     

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  1. It is a persecution of law abiding citizens in another trudean fascist move to scare the naive public and flex his blackface/rainbow personality to gain libtard and woke votes. Criminals and shooters obviously do not care about laws and regulations and they will not be affected at all by this gungrab. In fact this gungrab will embolden the criminals and shooters and home invasion type criminals even more.