Wednesday, January 4, 2023


 First of all kudos to Luisa for so doing in her Opinion piece in today's Waterloo Region Record titled "Cambridge residents cheated by their own council".  While she has hit the nail on the head as the past Cambridge Council under Mayor Kathrynn McGarry  played fast and loose with the rules for the clear purpose of fooling their own voters I would suggest that this was no anomaly. In fact based upon the gamesmanship I've seen up here in Dogpatch (Woolwich Township) I believe that it's all in a day's deception. 

Here over the years I've seen repeated "amendments" to the Procedural Bylaws and none of them have ever been for the benefit of voters or the public rather for the benefit of councillors, mayor and or Woolwich staff. I mean come on people let's be clear here. Politicians make the rules/bylaws and legislation and despite fancy self-serving titles they rarely if ever actually contain the essence of what the title states. Provincial legislation allegedly supporting more and faster housing being built (in the title at least) actually reflects less environmental and planning oversight, everything developers and their political friends prefer. And on and on. 

What you will never see is any politician passing a law against politicians out and out lying to their constituents. Our federal Liberals are allegedly all about reducing crime and greater gun safety, fairly noble causes on the face of it. The problem yet again is that their latest legislation is all about getting more votes versus actually reducing gun crime, stopping the flow of illegal guns across the U.S. border or slowing down organized crime. Removing legally purchased and registered firearms from mentally stable  citizens without criminal records seems a tad obtuse to me. It seems even shall I say a tad too convenient. I mean you really don't have to go looking for criminals or actually do anything significant. It's like shooting fish in a barrel as all these people (target shooters, hunters, competitors etc.) have in good faith already complied with all laws and regulations and demonstrated their good citizenship and good faith. Any bad apples whether by behaviour or heaven forbid mental health issues have hopefully already been legally separated from their firearms. 

In Cambridge the past Council intentionally deceived their own citizens and most unusually both got caught and paid the price (voted out of office). I would suggest that that wonderful scenario is the exception for politicians not the rule.  


  1. the retarded still hang onto the "tail" that wags the dog and they still wonder why everything they create smells and looks like crap...they simply are not using the brain, they are motivated by "other"

  2. Nothing to do with brains or is more of the same, the retarding think they can run things, while the "donor" class at the other end of the retard scale actually do run things! Yes this includes the controllers of all manipulated and corrupt parties, because there are no real other choices allowed!