Friday, January 13, 2023


 Same problem, same excuses? Lanxess claims that under pumping the on-site Municipal Aquifer  pumping wells, PW4 & 5 is not a probl;em because they say so whereas GHD very clearly say that they recommend that Lanxess pump at OR HIGHER than the published Target  Rates. Come on guys get your sh.t together! 

PW4 has a Target Rate of 2.9 litres per second (L/s) which they made in December whereas PW5 has a Target Rate of 1.8 l/s which yet again they did not achieve in December. The total pumping Target Rate is 2.9 + 1.8= 4.7 l/s. Instead they only achieved 2.9 + 1.4 = 4.2 l/s. At the same time the off-site pumping rates were going full bore with a total of 69.65 l/s. Oh my God but that is much higher than it used to be when the on-site pumping was not only considerably higher but Jeff Merriman had promised CPAC at one point that they would keep it at 6.0 l/sec. Apparently promises are nothing but wind for chemical companies.

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