Monday, January 23, 2023


 Well mostly my friends and colleagues no longer are attending. They literally can't stand the bullsh.t and the idiocy on constant display. There are some notable exceptions. Vivienne attended until the in person meetings became virtual and have continued as such. Sebastian is a TAG member and I do not know how he stomaches the lies, bullsh.t and crap that goes on. He has spoken the truth very well and generally either been ignored or minimized by his TAG colleagues. His common sense and general understanding are cheerfully denigrated by some with professional credentials in Biology, Chemistry, Hydrogeology and Bullsh.t. Better ten honest and intelligent citizens than two bought and paid for "professionals" who know their "place" in the pecking order.

Why do I attend? Simple: to act as a witness to this environmental and political corruption. Make no mistake that is what it is. It is politicians at all levels having made deals including sweetheart deals that are not in the public interest. I read the reports and understand them. They consist of junk and psuedo science prepared by client driven consultants etc. constantly selling the cheapest cleanup via constantly finding ways to minimize and misinterpret sampling, investigations and other alleged evidence. When all the players are on the same team you rarely get an honest competition, discussion or debate. The game is "fixed" and has been since about Sept/Oct/Nov 1991 if not earlier.  

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