Thursday, January 12, 2023


 Perhaps it is too soon for any firm conclusions however I will say this. Being negative and critical is not nearly as much fun as being positive and upbeat. The thing is when one finds perhaps 25% of municipal councillors who are smart, unbiased and their minds are open to differing positions and opinions, one can over decades of experience become somewhat jaded. I will say this: in hindsight I know exactly how deceitful, dishonest and self-serving a minority of people are. The problem is that they can readily sideline, distract and manipulate more honest but naive people. That is how they achieve their goals under the guise of promoting the public interest.  

To date I believe that most of the new councillors have shown an open mindedness to listening. That is huge. I would also suggest that Sandy's reluctance to run in the first place against Patrick Merlihan may have been  wise. Yes she won the election presumably fair and square but look what she's dealing with. A brand new Council who other than Bonnie Bryant have no political experience to speak of. I am a fan of Councillor Bonnie Bryant based on her previous term on Council. I think that she and most of the other new councillors are going to be challenging for Sandy to handle or manipulate. I do not believe that Sandy is smart enough to wrap intelligent, strong willed people around her little finger. Yes as Mayor she has a ton of advantages, perks etc. to hand out but that should only work with those already somewhat bent. I am looking forward to seeing how this Council steps up and work. Hopefully in person Council meetings will take place again soon as I'd like to watch in person..

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