Saturday, January 14, 2023


And that is all on our authorities from the Ontario Ministry of Environment to The Region of Waterloo, and Woolwich Township. That cleanup time is gone. Those bodies all allowed Uniroyal Chemical to take control of everything. Part of the reason was the past negligence and culpability of those very same authorities. At all costs they were willing to make deals to avoid the public learning exactly how negligent and incompetent that they were. There were environmental laws and regulations simply ignored for decades prior to November 1989. The signs of the gross impairment of the air, water and soils was obvious. Not only dead fish but for God's sake, dead cattle in the Creek.

Can even the best local Council turn this around now? It will be a battle and the nastiness of the past will flourish yet again. Politics sometimes unfortunately are all about compromises to get everyone on board. Sometimes the compromises however are not worth getting everyone on board.  As the Chinese proverb goes "May you live in interesting times".

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