Friday, January 27, 2023


 Well the Township's audio sucked for at least the first ten minutes. Hence there I was watching people's lips moving while I could hear nothing except for every couple of minutes a screech in my ears. I missed the first three Agenda items namely Land Acknowledgement, Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest and Approval of Previous Minutes. Only the last would have been remotely interesting particularly as the second is so much bullsh.t. 

Item 5.1 "MECP Comments on AMR (Annual Monitoring Report)" might have been interesting . Hard to say. I did hear Tiffany Svensson (2nd (& worst) TAG Chair) mention the "excess" chlorobenzene found in the Elmira Municipal Aquifers. Of course all the Johnny Come Latelys on TAG haven't the foggiest notion where it came from as allegedly neither does Tiffany. I can tell you when CRA found it and where, en masse, as DNAPL 100 feet below the ground surface smack dab in the middle of the off-site Elmira drinking water aquifers. Of course this is why I and a few others are not on TAG. Our information is not wanted or appreciated being given to the public. 

Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach asked when and who will be involved in future discussions regarding the failed 2028 groundwater cleanup deadline. Sandy Shantz, bless her pointed little head, advised that politicians don't understand technical issues. Ooh what a surprise. They do understand however whom they want in charge and whom they don't and truth and facts come a far distant tenth.

Sandy also suggested that excess water from the treatment systems is being discharged into the Canagagigue Creek. Well of course it is but contrary to Sandy's ignorance it is not either clean water or water meeting the Ontario Drinking Water Standards as weak as they are. It is contaminated groundwater that has at least been partially treated to lower the concentrations of multiple toxic compounds. 

Item 5.2 was actually not a bad discussion of the ongoing failures namely months and greater than a year of on-site Municipal Aquifer pumping wells PW4 & PW5. Other wells were also mentioned and there was the usual bullsh.t debate, courtesy of Tiffany, about whether those long term failures to achieve the Target Pumping Rate indicate a loss of hydraulic containment and thus contaminated groundwater flowing off-site. Tiffany prefers that it doesn't yet nobody on TAG seem bright enough to simply read Lanxess's consultant GHD's words written at the bottom of each monthly Table presented. Those words indicate that GHD are recommending that Lanxess pump each well at OR GREATER than the stated Target Pumping Rate . Holy fu.k but they are dumb!

We also were advised that toluene continues to be found being discharged into the Creek at greater than their discharge criteria. Of course short of a minor verbal slap on the wrist all parties appear to feel that the environment should suck it up. Councillor Nathan Cadeau attended the virtual meeting (Ha some of those fu.kers were there together) and he asked pointed questions as to why it took so many months or years to repair the frickin pumps. Sebastian was also helpful during this discussion.

Susan raised a good point about the Elmira Aquifers getting a lot of attention and money (including taxpayers') while the Canagagigue Creek continues to leak from 3/4 of its creekbanks. This leakage of course includes NDMA, benzene, toluene, chlorobenzene and lots more. Sha also pointed out the falsehoods and deception of individual Ontario Drinking Water Standards (ODWS) when there are multiple contaminants simultaneously both in the Creek, the Grand River and in our drinking water.

Item 5.3 was RAC/TAG administrative updates. Basically one more TAG member has resigned namely Dustin Martin. This follows Bill Barr, Joe Kelly, Katharina Richter, Pat McLean and probably more. The only two I miss are Joe Kelly and Katharina Richter. TAG briefly discussed new members but in their vast ignorance continue to ignore those with the most local experience and knowledge right in front of them. Doubtless they've been told and as good little boys and girls they comply. 

The next meeting is March 23, 2023 presumably at 6:30 pm. and presumably still unnecessarily virtual.. 


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