Tuesday, January 31, 2023


 I am almost overwhelmed. Yesterday I posted some results from rereading my Elmira Advocate posts from September 2015 to July 2016. Today I'm adding only SOME of the rest that Dr. Jackson spelled out from August 2016 until his last RAC meeting in December 2016.

Some of these statements of Dr. Jackson are direct quotes that I wrote down. Amazingly there are even a few from Lisa Schaefer as she dutifully recorded them in the TAG Minutes. They are shocking and I am printing them out for future dissemination.

" TAG discussed the potential that the Township has exhausted all technical arguments and run into a wall of public policy and bureaucratic lethargy and as such, the only path forward is a media strategy or going to the Environmental Commissioner, which does not report to the MOECC but to Queen's Park."

"TAG also discussed whether a technical advisory committee was beneficial anymore to the Township as a technical case to the MOECC does not seem to move the need for action forward. Perhaps a group who focuses on public policy is what is needed going forward."

"TAG is concerned that the MOECC is stating that suspended sediment sampling does not help manage the problem. Federal law mandates that the Provinces monitor pesticide contamination and it is not at MOECC's discretion to decide whether or not to monitor suspended sediment.".

This last quote comes from my October 15, 2016 Elmira Advocate Blog posting and is based upon my handwritten notes taken at the public TAG meeting two days earlier:

"Lastly Dick Jackson suggested that he would like Hatfield consultants to do an independent Risk Assessment of the creek as they are recognized international experts on Dioxin contamination. Dick also suggested a trip to the Environmental Commissioner regarding technical evidence that the M.O.E. are violating Ontario law." 

WOW! This is but a small sample of what else Dr. Jackson and indeed occasionally other TAG members had to say. Where oh where was our local newspaper when we needed them so desperately to report this?


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  1. The Observor is “controlled opposition” in this case just like most reporters of the KW Record. Most of what they print is propaganda for an agenda (Mouthpieces for the local political hacks and their pet peeves and agenda’s.)