Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 TAG  - Technical Advisory Group  - TAG do not even generally directly engage with Lanxess or the Ministry of Environment. They were set up to be middlemen between Lanxess/GHD/MECP via giving advice to RAC which is the Remediation Advisory Committee. Just to be clear whatever weaknesses and failures TAG have, RAC are much worse. They are a bunch of bureaucrats and politicians representing the GRCA, Region of Waterloo, Woolwich Township etc. Their organizations have long ago signed off on the sweetheart deal with Uniroyal Chemical and their corporate successors. They got a water pipeline up from Waterloo and they've had an ongoing token attempt at "cleanup" for  the last thirty-three years. No where near good enough.

Item 5.2 is Monthly Progress Reports for October, November and December 2022. TAG have expressed appropriate concerns regarding both reduced on-site (MU) Municipal Aquifer pumping (PW4 & 5) as well as off-site pumping in the past. Current off-site total pumping is in the vicinity of 70 litres per second which historically is very good. Unfortunately when Chemtura etc. have made promises to CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) of 100 - 150 litres per second (i.e. 2x & 3x 2012 pumping rates) that 70 l/s doesn't look so hot. The problem however is that the on-site MU pumping isn't even achieving it's Target Pumping Rate (4.7 l/sec) that was set for the old off-site pumping rate of approximately 53 l/sec. Meanwhile they are pumping more than ever off-site which draws contaminated on-site water off-site . 

The other pumping issue is the greatly reduced pumping of the UACTS or Upper Aquifer Containment & Treatment System. That doesn't even seem to be getting a look from TAG or anybody else. This is alleged "public consultation" at its' worst. Nobody has much history and one that does sold out long ago. Our authorities love this model and will keep on plugging in new members at their will versus calling upon experienced and knowlegable citizens such as myself and former CPAC members.

Regarding Agenda Item 5.3 "RAC/TAG Administrative Updates" the least that will be is no change in membership as the guilty parties are happy with it or possibly the beginning of the wrap-up and wind-down of even token, fake public consultation.  


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