Thursday, January 26, 2023


 I suppose as long as they continue to meet sort of publicly (i.e. remotely/virtually) then in theory at least there can be some appropriate opposition to their unacceptable plans and delays. Also they do take Minutes and then publish them which also is helpful. Finally occasionally we hear from Lanxess and the Ministry of Environment and while most of it is inaccurate, wishful thinking, junk science at least we get it in writing. Perhaps further generations will publish a book of humour with quotes from these two parties. Let's see how about "Dilution is the Solution for Pollution"? Better yet how about "Dilution and Verbal Pollution Equals The Solution!"  Here's my favourite "Dilution of Pollution is Always My Solution".

Well I can't help it but obviously I must think that there is light at the end of this very long tunnel (into the 34th year now). Really as all politicians know it only takes a crisis, real or manufactured, to give momentum for change. Maybe the soon to be built Hawkridge Homes on Union St. will be the unfortunate answer. Sulco (CCC) seriously and honestly shone a light on the potential for either serious issues or even worse with this new subdivision. Chemtura/Lanxess bailed on their responsibilities in my opinion. Sometimes non-actions have more serious consequences than actions.  


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