Saturday, January 21, 2023


 It's still a virtual meeting which sucks. It's still a bullsh.t meeting which sucks. It' still an abortion of public consultation which sucks. 

Section 5. is "Other Business" and consists of 5.1 MECP Comments on AMR (not included albeit possibly provided weeks/months ago), 5.2 Oct., Nov., Dec. Monthly Progress Reports and 5.3 RAC/TAG Administrative Updates.  I expect that the most relevant and interesting would be 5.1 but not enough to have yet gone looking for that report which could and should? have been provided. 

Section 3. Approval of Previous Minutes is most interesting as it mostly captures what was discussed at the last TAG meeting of November 10/2022. That includes TAG's stupid failures to even pretend to be interested in what this member of the public has to say by their possibly not reading my reports but more likely not understanding and or not interested enough to ask any questions whatsoever, ever. Also TAG and CPAC member Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach has delivered a wonderful written critique of the MECP's (Min. of Environment) 2020 Fish & Sediment Study Report. Yes yours truly had some input but it's all Sebastian's words and writing and it is wonderful. He bluntly questions the MECP's idiotic conclusions based upon their absolute flimsiest evidence possible. He points out their illogic and their unwillingness to be open minded when there are several possible explanations/interpretations. He does not call them fu.king liars anywhere in his report however a reader less diplomatic could be forgiven for ending up with that conclusion.   

All in all an excellent critique which like so much will go nowhere. There are no intelligent, honest and influential readers to any of these written reports. This is corruption Canadian style. No need of guns, bullets or billy clubs when you can stack influential positions with fellow travellors as well as revel in both psuedo and junk science as you professionally lie your way through an alleged "cleanup". 

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