Monday, January 9, 2023


 O.K. O.K. it could be construed as a cheap shot to list here Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura/Lanxess in answer to my own question.  For all I know they might actually be doing something positive (other than talking about it) either in Elmira or south of the border at some of their other locations. But hey I'm just guessing based upon their behaviour and attitudes here that sure appear to be 100% share holder focused and 0% environment/human health based. Things like the Canagagigue Creek Risk Assessment nonsense being perpetrated on Elmira/Woolwich citizens leap to mind closely followed by their on and off-site groundwater pumping deficiencies and accompanying excuses. Then of course there are their gross failures and years long DNAPL (Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquids) coverups all to avoid costly but necessary on site source removal. Basically both residual and free phase DNAPL as well as LNAPL (Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquids) guarantee decades or longer additional leakage, contaminated groundwater migration and never ending only partially effective hydraulic containment.

Climate Change you say? It's January 2023 and the forecast highs for this week in Waterloo Region are starting today 2 C., 1 C, 3 C, 2 C, 0 C, 0C, 1 C .  The last couple of weeks have melted all the pre-Christmas snow. For the love of life IT'S JANUARY! Oh and let's check in to Canada's west coast (Vancouver) where I have family located.  They are currently close to normal at 5 or 6 C. for this time of year. However over Christmas their airport was shut down due to snow. Furthermore the snow lasted long enough for many homeowners to unfortunately learn about ice dams on their roofs causing melting water to back up under shingles etc. and leak into their homes. Normally in Vancouver any snow that comes down is all melted within 24 hours before repeated freeze and thaw cycles can form ice dams.

These examples are mere microcosms of weather events around the world. Think about California who's been experiencing 10-15 years of drought only to have flooding during December. FLOODING after a decade and a half of drought. GEEZ! The solution is clear. Fire all our politicians and replace them with scientists.  Real scientists not the bought and paid for quacks who are intellectual prostitutes.

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