Thursday, August 18, 2022


 And this folks is just one more example of the never ending growth and "development" i.e. exploitation of our natural, non-renewable resources. Sand and gravel are nature's groundwater filters. Every tonne removed from the subsurface is like death by a thousand cuts. It just keeps on getting worse until in this case the natural environment is past the point of survival. Noise, dust, diesel fumes, and the blight on the beauty of our living area in southern Ontario just keeps on happening. The groundwater entering our creeks and rivers mostly ends up eventually into the Grand River on its' way to Lake Erie. Yet we obfuscate and deceive our citizens as the quality of that groundwater deteriorates because of a multitude of sins year after year. Eventually the Region of Waterloo will be drinking polluted Lake Erie water. Polluted because of our failures to stop the ongoing environmental damage caused by constant growth. Optimistic for future generations I am not.

The proposed new gravel pit is located near Petersburg in Wilmot Township. This is just a few months after Wilmot Council voted unanimously against the proposed Hallman Pit in their jurisdiction. That proposed pit is now before the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) which I do not view as good news. While I don't believe that the OLT have as yet achieved the infamy of the former OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) which constantly upheld gravel pits and were obviously pro growth and development, nevertheless the pro development pressures from the province under the Conservatives are intense.

This latest gravel pit proposal is located just east of Petersburg and fronts on Snyder's Road.  

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