Friday, August 26, 2022


 Just since yesterday's post here the public outcry and media attention have increased dramatically. Public outcry and media attention regarding Woolwich Councillor Murray Martin's alleged homophobic comments that is. Spoiler alert: I don't like Murray and haven't for years. Therefore while I may revel in his public criticism and comeupance, honesty makes me cringe a little. Here's why: since yesterday's post here about Murray the Woolwich Observer have chimed in on the issue. Let's see firstly with a front page story and photo of Murray Secondly with an Editorial by the Observer about Murray's recent behaviour. Thirdly with a cartoon about Murray's alleged homophobia. Oh and none of these have been the least complimentary or sympathetic to Murray.  Now this morning I believe for the third day in a row the Waterloo Region Record are also still attacking. This includes Murray's written apology for his own behaviour to CBC News as well as an opinion piece by Luisa D'Amato. Wow! 

Now quite frankly I'm a little surprised by Murray's apology. While apologies are generally a good idea when you've said or done something reasonably stupid, they rarely play well with a politician's support base. Imagine if Donald Trump were to publicly apologize for his lies regarding the Presidential election or for his inciting the mob to attack the seat of U.S. government. Many of us would have an ounce of respect for Donald for doing that whereas his support base of yahoos, zealots, common but misinformed citizens would be appalled. They'd feel that he was abandoning their loyalty and would abandon him. The same goes for Murray. A bunch of semi idiots have been re-electing him over and over again. Some of them likely are homophobic whether for religious reasons or otherwise. Others may like Murray specifically because he isn't politically correct.

I found Louisa's opinion piece strong and she explained why. From memory I believe that she may also have shown a little sympathy for Murray's plight while making it clear that the 2SLGBTQ community have been victimized for decades if not actually centuries. My conclusion to the question above in the title is that all this media coverage is indeed piling on. Yes Murray walked into it with his gums blazing. 

Why are the media piling on? The municipal election is two months away. One it increases newspaper sales and radio listeners. Two all the other politicians  are more than happy to jump on board and be quoted for their own self-serving benefit i.e. the election is two months away. Three Woolwich Township during the (mayor) Sandy Shantz two terms have been publicly exposed  as corrupt, stupid, and abusive over the last seven or eight years. This includes Todd Cowan's relatively minor conviction, Sandy, Mark Bauman and Scot Hahn's goofs, intentional and otherwise, on filing honest and straightforward Election Financial Statements and Woolwich Council's idiocy several years back in trying to censor myself and Dr. Dan Holt as Delegates to Council. The media won't stick their neck out but will jump on board when others do and several of us up here in Woolwich have not been happy with our governance for a very long time.

For all these reasons I believe that the media and others are piling on councillor Murray Martin. I guess my question is where has our media been for so many other equally and more important scandals? I believe that our Old Order Mennonite families living and farming along the Canagagigue Creek have been abandoned by both the public and our elected authorities for the last half century. I believe that Murray Martin should have been brought to account for his rudeness and disrespect many years ago. I believe that Sandy Shantz and Mark Bauman together should have been held accountable for their manufactured CPAC "crisis" of 2015 as well as lies told in writing about CPAC members in the April 9, 2015 document written on Township letterhead. Where were all the critics then? Yes Murray you are being picked on right now but based upon your long history on Woolwich Council I am hard pressed to feel any more than a smidgen of sympathy for you. There I too am being a little harsh. My bad. 

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