Tuesday, August 30, 2022

HISTORY LESSON: 2016 Cartoon In The Observer

 The cartoon is from the January 7, 2016 edition of the Woolwich Observer. Basically it shows a bulletin board behind Sandy Shantz showing about fifteen different headlines from the previous year dealing with various Woolwich Township political scandals. In the foreground Sandy is advising that they would like 2016 to be much quieter. Unfortunately that didn't really happen as I was so disgusted with the biased, Mickey Mouse "investigation" by MECAC (Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee) that I took the matter to court in Kitchener. One of the cases involving I believe Scot Hahn while not prosecuted at least the prosecutor made the legitimacy of the citizen's complaint (moi) very clear. Unfortunately that did not occur with the other case (Sandy Shantz). An out-of-town idiot...oops sorry an out of town prosecutor (Fraser Kelly) dishonestly advised  the court that the case did not have merit. Oh my I looked carefully and not only had Sandy admitted SOME of her many errors but the Municipal Elections Act (MEA) nowhere suggested that it's commands were somehow optional or that some of the demands of the Act were less significant than others and could thus be ignored.

What is the lesson learned? Easy it's one that smart people have known for a long time namely that the law is an ass and it is not applied equally to everyone. 

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