Friday, August 5, 2022


 In today's Waterloo Region Record Steven Lecce, Ontario Education Minister, advises that he won't intervene in the Mike Ramsay affair. Why would he? Just because the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) are once again flexing their power and usually unopposed authority to silence a many time elected trustee apparently doesn't upset Minister Lecce. That being the case certainly he and the provincial government, who allegedly have the final say on education matters, sure as heck aren't going to step in and level the playing field regarding the related Caroline Burjowski situation either. She was a twenty year teacher who spoke to the WRDSB Trustees early last January for a very few minutes before being shut down by the Chair Scott Piatkoski. He made statements that she was contravening the Human Rights Code along with other assorted nonsense because she was criticizing what she believed to be age inappropriate books in her school's library. Not only was she shut down in mid delegation but the next day the WRDSB ordered her to stay home from work (teaching) and NOT to contact any of her students or colleagues. Later various WRDSB staff and or Chair Piatkowski made less than accurate depictions of her delegation to the media . 

Full Disclosure: I have contempt and disgust for the WRDSB senior administrators over their behaviour from three decades ago. On the other hand my political leanings are left and I usually vote NDP of which Mr. Piatkowski has I believe been both a member and a past candidate. Frankly based upon Mr. Piatkowski's recent behaviour I wouldn't vote for him to become a dog catcher. Somewhat similar to my opinion about the dishonourable Robert Reilly (Superior Court) in that he's not fit to judge my dog much less any human being. 

Regarding the Min. of Environment (MECP) and Lanxess Canada in Elmira I have over the last two days advised my readers about sending my written assessment of the almost completed and stinky Canagagigue Creek Risk Assessment (RA) to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). I then forwarded that e-mail communication along to all six Woolwich councillors and to the Ontario MECP. Lastly just yesterday I further forwarded the whole thing along to all sixteen (14?) Waterloo Regional councillors. Although I have as yet not received any relevant feedback from the regional councillors I think that I may have received one or two thank yous and we will respond further when back from holidays type notices. 

It is of course all very pitiful. The only "authorities" who appear to have any commonsense or even interest are the media. In today's Record there is another article concerning Caroline Burjowski and the WRDSB. My concern with her defamation lawsuit against the WRDSB has nothing to do with truth and facts being on her side and everything to do with "homecooking" at Superior Court in Kitchener. I have personally witnessed asinine local judicial decision making.  The WRDSB are unaccountable in both my and others experience based upon their stature and influence financially and otherwise. I have also seen local prosecutors make both good and very bad decisions whether to prosecute or not. Allowing local Woolwich politicians to skate on blatant, egregious and most likely intentional errors and falsehoods in their Election Financial Statements contrary to provincial law (Municipal Elections Act) is an example.

This is how step by step, year by year, our democracy is diminishing. Of course truth and justice can always be bought. Just ask Donald Trump and other lesser idiots albeit also wealthy ones.     

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