Friday, August 19, 2022


 Gad but I am disgusted. Fred Redekop is a busy man and by most accounts a good one. That said I didn't see much effort from him during the last four years. That is my opinion although mine is not the only one. Also I understand that he has a full time job into the bargain probably explaining some of his absences. For Murray Martin however I make no excuses. His behaviour, opinions and overall lack of serious effort in understanding issues has upset me for many years. I personally have heard him denigrate serious concerns brought properly and appropriately to Council via Delegations.  He has also the dubious distinction of being one of the few (or only) Woolwich councillors formally sanctioned for his snotty and biased behaviour towards a citizen Delegation. Wow! New candidates waiting for the last minute to register I can better understand but for incumbents like Murray and Fred I just find that ridiculous. If they are that complacent about running and representing us then please don't bother at all. If on the other hand their very late in the day registration as a candidate is some sort of gamesmanship then again please don't waste our time or the other candidates. We don't need that kind of crap on our Council.

Ward 1 currently has four candidates for two positions. Ward 2 has two candidates for one position. Ward three has four as well for two positions. Our public school board actually has five candidates for one position and I was wrong nine days ago when I thought that Fred Meissner was the hubby of Karen Meissner who is not running. He I am told is her father. My congratulations as of this morning to Woolwich Councillors Larry Shantz and Scott McMillan for not running and apparently (as of now) sticking to that.


  1. Easy to criticize from the bleachers. Try it for once i.e. running for Council. It's harder then it looks.

  2. How the hell would you know? You've never run for office for anything. I have twice for trustee back in the 1990's. I guess you being a troll makes being a hypocrite easy.