Wednesday, August 10, 2022


 Still two candidates for Mayor namely Patrick Merlihan and Sandy Shantz. I voted for Sandy way back in 2014 but have not made that mistake since. Four candidates are running for Trustee and they include I'm guessing the incumbent's husband but not the incumbent Karen Meissner. Weird??? There are three candidates for two positions in Ward 1 although I am only knowledgeable about the one, Dr. Dan Holt. He is an excellent, experienced and knowledgeable candidate and community volunteer. There is one candidate for Ward 2 and that is Eric Schwindt whom I believe is reasonably (and positively) well known in the community. Finally there are currently two candidates for two positions in Ward 3 which includes former and excellent councillor Bonnie Bryant.

I am generally thrilled that we are having what appears to be a major turnaround on Woolwich Council. It is overdue. There is excellent potential with some new, talented and keen citizens on Council. 

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