Thursday, August 25, 2022


 First of all it's clearly an election year. I've been told that there are comments on Facebook plus today the Waterloo Region Record has both another article regarding Murray's alleged homophobic attitudes plus there is a Letter to the Editor from a lady hammering both Murray and Mayor Sandy Shantz. We know that councillors Larry Shantz (distantly related to Sandy Shantz) and Scott McMillan won't be back as they did not register as candidates. I had been told that both Fred Redekop and Murray Martin also weren't planning on running. Well that fizzled out in the last two days before the August 19 deadline. Dang I was thinking that we were going to have a real housecleaning similar to the one we had in 2010. It could still happen. I was also told that incumbent Sandy was not planning to run until she saw that Patrick Merlihan was running for Mayor. Hmm interesting that.

Murray despite being re-elected numerous times has been an embarrassment on Woolwich Council almost forever and not just  the few times he has been investigated or reprimanded by the Integrity Commissioner. I actually thought that that had only occurred once or twice at the most, contrary to the Letter To The Editor suggesting three times. Hard to keep track. I've seen and heard his strange comments while sitting on Council for a very long time and marvelled as to where his constituents were while he was doing that. 

Councillors have pretty much unanimously condemned his most recent behaviour. Fair enough as they are smart enough to understand that society's negative attitudes towards gays have changed whereas Murray's have not. Could Murray's comments drag himself, Sandy and Fred down in the October 24 municipal elections? Hard to say. The electorate are fickle and they only turned their backs on Murray once before. 


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