Thursday, August 4, 2022


 Simultaneously I have received responses from various media folks regarding another ongoing issue namely the shutdown of the Heidelberg wells. That is good news and indicates appropriate interest. Regarding the Canagagigue Creek Risk Assessment (RA) however I have to date received only two responses namely from Jason Rice of the MECP and Patrick Merlihan of Woolwich Council. Both indicated that they were currently unavailable but would respond shortly. 

Starting with TAG members, to date not even a single response such as the two above.  For me this somewhat indicates what I've long suspected is a ban on individual members responding to or even individually asking for information from third parties. If I am correct on that then shame on the person giving the order (Tiffany or Sandy?) and shame on any and all who comply with it.

Neither Lubna Hussain nor Esther Wearing of the Ministry of Environment (MECP) have responded at all yet nor do I expect them to. Afterall it was the MECP who participated in the contemptible removal of CPAC volunteers back in late 2014 and 2015 along with Chemtura and Woolwich Council.

Lastly we have Woolwich Council themselves. Now on occasion over the last few years I have received the odd inquiry or response from individual Council members. Regarding yesterday's e-mail to them as stated only Patrick Merlihan has responded. I expect that any attempt at a ban on Council members responding individually would be appropriately resisted unlike what appears to be happening at TAG. That said let's see if any others on Council are offended by blatant greenwashing and a politically correct but environmentally damaging Risk Assessment (RA) of the Canagagigue Creek.    

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  1. Oops I forgot. Regarding the Heidelberg wells a very brief and unlikely scenario was sent to me by the Region's representative. He claimed that the Region monitored both the raw and treated water from the Heidelberg wells and there was no indication of the contamination that I had mentioned. Is this typical bureaucratic bullsh.t .from our authorities? Afterall in the Region's published Annual Reports they do indeed monitor raw water however only for bacteria not for industrial contaminants. Then their treated water generally reduces chemical contaminant levels to Non-Detect levels although not always.