Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Old fashioned, out of touch, politically incorrect - take your choice they all apply to Woolwich Councillor Murray Martin. How either old or old fashioned is Murray? Well I'm 73 in two months and he's got at least a few years on me. But I digress. Murray has a history of shooting from the lip and generally he doesn't shoot very straight. His targets have included environmental activists, activists, formal Delegates to Woolwich Council and more. He's been known to reference "those people" and or "people like that ". What exactly his thought processes may be can be unclear but generally if he doesn't care for you or your opinion he's not shy to make that clear. Oh and all the less than vague firearms metaphors ("shooting from the lip", "targets", etc.) are my feeble attempt to ignore political correctness these days.  

Murray far exceeds my  lack of political correctness. Perhaps he doesn't care (which is fine) but I suspect that he just doesn't understand the background and the issues.  If he had stopped at saying the rainbow is a gift from God he would have been O.K. But not Murray. In today's Waterloo Region Record Murray is quoted by reporter Paige Desmond allegedly making homophobic comments. He made the following comments not only at a public Council meeting (Monday) but at a televised one! Is he really as dumb as I think or is he dumb like a fox? Could he understand that he is an underdog and be hoping to stir up votes against the politically correct inclusion of all, whether LGBTQ or whomever?

Here are some of Murray's quotes regarding the suggestion that a Rainbow crosswalk be installed in Elmira namely "It's not fitting with the values of this community.". Also the rainbow is a gift from God "and we trash it to promote a lifestyle that is not correct. That's why I do not think that it is proper." . So readers I leave it to you to decide if Councillor Martin's comments were homophobic. Some of his colleagues on Council believe it was. Mayor Sandy Shantz disagreed with Murray's opinions from two days ago but defended his right to his own opinion. On later persuasion she apologized and regretted not stopping Councillor' Murray Martin's comments in mid stream. The municipal election is October 24, 2022.    

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