Saturday, August 6, 2022


 Yes there are some incumbents running in this October's municipal election. To date however the following have not filed their Nomination papers namely Scott McMillan, Murray Martin, Larry Shantz, Fred Redekop and trustee Karen Meissner. Our incumbent trustee (WRDSB) Karen Meissner may be having second thoughts after the public mess that the current trustees including herself have caused regarding both trustee Mike Ramsay and teacher Caroline Burjowski. It is now very late in the day.

There are two candidates for Mayor namely incumbent Sandy Shantz who apparently really isn't that interested in the job anymore and Patrick Merlihan. There are currently three names registered for the trustee position. There are two names registered for Ward 3 with past councillor Bonnie Bryant being one of them. I am very happy to see her throw her hat back into the ring. Ward 2 has one nomination namely Eric Schwindt who has run in the past unsuceesfully against former councillor Mark Bauman. I know that Mr. Schwindt is very keen. Ward 1 to date has but one nomination and it is not an incumbent.This is a bit of a surprise. My understanding is that Larry Shantz and Murray Martin have publicly stated that they are not running but I have no idea what's going on with Scott McMillan. Time will very soon tell.

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