Monday, August 22, 2022


 I posted an initial article about this proposed gravel pit last Thursday here in the Advocate. Today's newspaper carries an excellent article by Paige Desmond titled "Petersburg residents prepare to fight proposed gravel pit". This proposed gravel pit would be the SEVENTH in the neighbourhood on Snyder's Road. Neighbours are interviewed and they state that they already have a long history of dust, noise and odour issues from the other gravel pits. One more with homes across the street, south of the property and a business to the west of the property is just too much.

The new pit would extract gravel as well as crushing it on site. Furthermore asphalt and concrete recycling would also occur. Currently the property is zoned agricultural but the proponent would like that changed to extractive industrial. Local concerns certainly appear justified regarding noise, dust and odours affecting health (diesel fumes) . There are also appropriate concerns regarding both local water supply and quality despite claims that it would be an above water table gravel pit. Removing nature's filters (sand & gravel) helps degrade water quality. Also pits that have started as above ground pits are easily amended at a later date into below ground water table gravel pits. All in all I can understand residents saying enough is enough. There are ample gravel pits right now to supply all gravel needs. More are not needed ane likely won't be for many years. 

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