Saturday, June 27, 2015


This Thursday at 11 am. will be a public hearing into mayor Shantz's election expense report in the Woolwich Council chambers. MECAC is the name of the committee and they have received a total of 40 pages of documentation from myself describing the expense issues. Now the "Application for a Compliance Audit" is only two pages with numerous contraventions so indicated. The next 38 pages as handed over to the Clerk's office last Monday for distribution to MECAC are the formal documents and evidence of the contraventions in the Mayor's expense report. As she has incorrectly calculated her Total Contributions and has thus improperly lowered them below the $10,000 threshold level; she thus avoided the requirement that she automatically include an Auditor's Report with her expense report.

Woolwich Council will wear this past Tuesday's decision to dissolve CPAC at the end of August for many years. Bad enough a former Council did this to one member in 2008 but to remove an entire committee of volunteers on trumped up rubbish, nonsense and lies from the company being overseen (Chemtura) combined with the petty, sour grapes obfuscations of two former CPAC members who weren't reappointed four and a half years ago is disgraceful and shameful. Woolwich Council are long on bias and stupidity and clearly incapable of shame.

On Thursday evening in Council Chambers CPAC discussed specifics of their sampling undertaken earlier in the day by a professional environmental consulting firm. One CPAC member and one member of the public accompanied them both as guides and as observers. As discussed in the CPAC meeting by Graham Chevreau all formal EPA and sampling protocols were observed including Chain of Custody requirements. There was also discussion regarding CPAC's legal requirements for releasing the results obtained, particularily if they are alarming and or in excess of certain standards. There was further discussion regrading CPAC's moral and ethical duty to advise the public if again there are serious concerns regarding the concentrations of various bioaccumulative chemicals for instance. There was also a Motion passed requesting Woolwich Council to pressure the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to release the results for DDT and Dioxins/Furans found downstream of Chemtura, in the Canagagigue Creek. The M.O.E. have confirmed they have these results from last summer (2014) but do not want to release them unitl September and not to the current CPAC. A skeptic could be forgiven for understanding that the M.O.E. have more confidence that the new more bureaucrat and politician dominated CPAC replacement (RAC) will be less critical than the 100% citizen dominated CPAC.

There was also a brief discussion around CPAC's four Delegations (plus mine made five) the previous Tuesday evening in Woolwich Council. All of these Delegations were entered into the CPAC record via Lisa Schaefer, CPAC Secretary. The decision was made for CPAC to have a formal meeting in July this year among other things to discuss the results from last Thursday's sediment sampling. Unlike the Ontario M.O.E., CPAC does not take one to two years to get lab results back. Either the M.O.E. need a new lab or yet once again they are truth challenged.

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