Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hunh it just hit me that that expression we used since we were kids (and probably long before) is actually racist. My apologies to First Nations and aboriginal people. As if they haven't been subjected to enough denigration over the decades and centuries by Canadian authorities. Yes when it comes to bullying, harassment and just plain contemptible behaviour you need only look to the powerful in any country. Powerful whether by money, influence or political office.

For the past twenty-four years Uniroyal then Chemtura have provided funding to Woolwich Council in order to hire a secretary to take Minutes, coorespond with parties etc.. In recent years it has been $10,000 per annum. On two occasions this current CPAC appointed by the 2010 Woolwich Council have used some of the funds to hire consultants. In 2012 it was Dr. Gail Krantzberg (McMaster Univ.) and in 2014 it was Peter Gray (MTE). Recently CPAC via Graham Chevreau obtained a grant from the Region of Waterloo in order to take samples and analyse them from the Canagagigue Creek and area.

Woolwich Council a week and a half ago stole CPAC's money. They dipped into CPAC's annual budget without so much as a by your leave. They took the money in order to pay for a consultant ostensibly representing the citizens of Woolwich to attend another private, by invitation only Chemtura meeting. This meeting is not in the public interest. This meeting is Mayor Shantz's favourite kind of meeting namely out of the public sight and pretending to be what it isn't. After the fact, CPAC were informed.


This Council are corrupt. Corrupt as a whole not necessarily each and every member. I leave it to you to figure out the white hats from the black hats. Corruption is defined as so much more than the quintessential brown paper bag of the Mulroney style, filled with cash. One definition among many is "riddled with errors".

Dr. Dan Holt took Councillor Scott Hahn to task for his pathetic and ridiculous attempt to comply with the Elections Act regarding his expense report. I have zero grounds to believe that it was anything more than Dr. Dan's superior knowledge of the legislation plus his sense of right and wrong and fair play. From originally claiming $258 Mr. Hahn's admitted expenses are now $3,200 and rising as he still hasn't included the value of 180 steel posts.

I took Councillor Mark Bauman to task for his complete failure to file any expense report whatsoever. I was shocked by the Clerk's comment after I requested to see Councillor Bauman's expense report. Firstly she stated that it was on-line. I informed her that no it was not. Secondly she informed me after a ten minute wait that as per "Woolwich tradition" she had not required Mark Bauman to submit an expense report because he was acclaimed. I nearly responded that I wasn't aware that "Woolwich tradition" trumped provincial legislation. I have read Mark Bauman's Court Decision written by Justice Campbell. It is all of three pages long and explains nothing other than Mark's Application to the Court for reinstatement was unopposed by the Respondent, Woolwich Township. Basically impossible to lose under those divine circumstances isn't it Mark?

Questions arise. Did the Judge know that Mark had not filed all four times he was acclaimed? Did he know that the Clerk had immediately issued a Default Notice to Todd Cowan for failing to file? Did he know that the Clerk sent out a "Notice To Candidate Of Filing Requirements" well prior to the March 27/15 deadline? Did he know that the Clerk and others feel that "Woolwich traditions" trump the law? Did he know that Mark had seven months from his nomination date until the nomination deadline (& hence his acclamation) in which if he so much as distributed a single brochure from his 2010 contested election; then he had election expenses? Are you sure it's over Mark?

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