Saturday, June 20, 2015


Be happy Jeff, Helder and Dwight. Your lackey Mayor has given it to you on a platter. You are all such a bunch of cowards. Yesterday's Woolwich Observer Editorial has exposed the elephant in the room. There is but one extremely well informed, honest broker in Elmira/Woolwich who has not sold out to yourselves, your consultants (CRA), the Region of Waterloo or the GRCA. That is me and the Editorial explains how for many years the polluting and dishonest parties have been undermining my credibility and influence at every opportunity. That said no man is an island and both Richard Clausi and Dr. Henry Regier have been rejuvenated and reinvigorated these last four years. The current CPAC for the last four and a half years have also stepped up and taken it to Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. But for their intelligence and resolve, Richard, Henry and my input would have been much less effective.

Thank you Mayor Shantz and Councillor Bauman. For years I have been trying to expose the sham and charade of public consultation here in Elmira. The process has always been dominated and controlled by the polluter and his friends, namely Woolwich Council. Finally at last we have a respected, local media source who are willing to call a spade a spade. Their Editorial yesterday draws upon Titanic metaphors such as "re-arranging the deck chairs" and "rolling the chaise lounge around as the ship of state takes on water.". Dr. Henry Regier has often referred to how poorly our Area of Concern and local grossly contaminated site has been addressed by our municipal, regional and provincial authorities.

This Council and a pair of yellow dogs have smeared and libelled the reputations of Woolwich citizens for your own political benefit. Is Chemtura Canada really that powerful and important that you need to sell honest citizens down the river? Are your morals and ethics that perverted? Two members of Council have led the charge and this Tuesday will attempt to seal the deal. Woolwich Council you are on the cusp of permanently and irrevocably destroying your own reputations and legacys. CPAC are the solution not the problem. Sandy & Mark have done Chemtura & the M.O.E.'s bidding by scapegoating CPAC for Chemtura & the M.O.E.'s abandonment of public consultation.


  1. Do you really not understand that you are the preverbal elephant in the room, not the people you point fingers at? You are the reasons everyone is not coming to the meetings anymore. They would have been fine with CPAC, if you were not there making those personal attacks. You are costing the tax payers a lot of money with your little personal attacks, where a simple reminder or friendly review could be sufficient. Instead, you are now taking funds away from community projects like the Splash/Ice Pad for Kate's Cause!

  2. Nice try there. "Everyone is not coming to the meetings anymore". In fact as small as the turnouts are they are larger than they have been in the past fifteen years. Secondly I don't make personal attacks. I call the M.O.E. "corrupt" which is exactly what they are. That is not a personal attack. Your nonsense about me taking money away from community projects is exactly that. You appear to be throwing in my Application to have the mayor's election expenses audited. If she had followed the rules she would have included an Auditor's report at her own expense rather than at the Township's expense. Her Contributions exceeded $10,000 and then she screwed up by subtracting her Surplus from that total.

  3. I have made personal comments here in this forum. At CPAC as at Council I try very hard not to and am so encouraged by both the Council Chair and the CPAC Chair.