Tuesday, June 2, 2015


O.K. I'm not comfortable with the above title and I've been resisting it for the last few months. I've been resisting it despite mounting evidence and a few close colleagues assurring me that it is so. Irony abounds. Firstly no individual, singlehandedly can take on Chemtura, their consultants, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the Mayor, Councillor Bauman, a couple of other fence sitting Councillors, and finally two co-opted citizens one a former CPAC Chair and even think they have a ghost of a chance at succeeding.

Past CPACs have had good individuals on them including Dr. Henry Regier, Fred Hager, Ken Driedger, Gerry Heideburt, myself and others. The current CPAC have five excellent members namely Dr. Dan Holt, Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach, Vivienne Delaney, Ron Campbell and Graham Chevreau. Combined with them are a dream SWAT team namely Henry Regier, Richard Clausi, David Marks, Ken Jensen and Paul Menkveld.

My colleagues have been advising me that the primary reason for bringing back the antiquated, disproven, authoritarian and anti populous idea of private, by invitation only technical meetings is to exclude myself from having any public input whatsoever. Besides my understanding of the technical issues there is my outspokeness at CPAC meetings combined with this Blog. The other five honest CPAC members have learned over the last 4 1/2 years that I am a straightshooter who not only tells the truth but backs it up with facts and logic.

Similarily the plan of removing the CPAC Chair Dr. Dan Holt and relegating CPAC to only three or four cheerleading meetings a year is to appease Chemtura and the M.O.E.. Public consultation for them is al about appearances not reality.

Perhaps a more accurate discription of my input and influence would be that I am a catalyst. Without the influence of Pat & Susan at CPAC meetings I have been able via truth, logic and facts to win the hearts and minds of a group of dedicated Woolwich citizens. It is to the shame of Woolwich Council that this extraordinary group are being shamefully attacked and relegated to the sidelines by Mayor Shantz and Councilor Bauman at the behest of Chemtura and the Ministry of the Environment.


  1. Their anger stems from being proven wrong with their approach and tactics. These personal attacks are meant to unvalidate the truths and the negative effects that are happening. They hope that by focusing the criticism on an individual, this bullying technique will keep others from coming forward in hopes to scare them in to submission. Most of the events and meetings that are happening by these larger organizations are nothing but propaganda so that they can say that they are getting the involvement from the public...when in fact, the decisions have already been made and laws will be amended where the public has made comments about issues. These comments that the public submit are being used as tools so that companies, developers and politicians can "massage" all the data to make it look like all concerns have been addressed. It is a lie...a manipulation...and very discouraging for our future generations.

  2. Well said Anonymous.