Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Today's Waterloo Region Record are carrying the following story titled "Great Lakes need urgent action". The renewed Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) was proclaimed three years ago between Canada and the United States. It's first enanctment occurred back in 1987. Dr. Henry Regier has been bringing it to the attention of CPAC, SWAT and Woolwich Township particularily during this past year. In my opinion it's almost as if he is putting this new Council in a position of not having plausible deniability regarding Woolwich's contributions of persistent organic pollutants entering Lake Erie from the Grand River and via the Canagagigue Creek.

The Great lakes Executive Committee "...has fallen into an administrative and bureaucratic malaise..." says a letter by two dozen environmental groups from both sides of the border. Further to the letter is a new report from the Canadian Environmental Law Association stating "The (subcommittee's) go slow approach is completely out of sync with the scale and the urgency of the problem". To date the subcommittee have listed a grand total of four chemicals of mutual concern to Canada and the U.S.. The environmental groups have more than 500 chemicals of concern. ""By adding four chemicals every three years...it will take us more than a century to list all of the chemicals of concern in the Great lakes" they state.". Actually by my math it will take more than three centuries to list 500 chemicals at 1 1/3 chemicals per year. This is precisely how bureaucrats under political orders are able to delay indefinitely the will of the people. It's all for show.

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