Monday, June 22, 2015


Woolwich Council aka "The Family Compact" have given Councillor Bauman and Mayor Shantz the lead on the Chemtura/CPAC file ever since the October election. What seems very clear is that Mark & Sandy know that they have automatic votes from a majority of the Council. All they need to do is present a case that while not remotely watertight at least is good enough that the other Councillors can follow along without looking like complete idiots. If Sandy & Mark's case as written up by the Mayor's lackey aka Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Brenneman passes the smell test then they are home free to give Chemtura and the Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) exactly what they want which is the APPEARANCE of public consultation. Speaking of lackey's Mr. Brenneman is at least consistent. Whether Bill Strauss, Todd Cowan or Sandy Shantz; he knows where his bread is butterred. Sunshine list jobs don't come along every day and the key for him is 100% loyalty to the Mayor of the day.

CPAC are holding their June public meeting this Thursday evening at 6 pm. It has been wonderful having evening meetings for the last four years plus. That system had been refused by Pat and Susan both for their convenience, in order to exclude teacher Rich Clausi and to generally exclude those who worked normal working hours. The turnout has been better although no one has ever suggested that it is standing room only, unfortunately. CPAC's SWAT sub-committee will be presenting the latest information on their sediment sampling in the creek and related areas. Based upon to date the pathetic work plan of Chemtura and their consultants regarding east side sampling as well as the M.O.E.'s refusal to date to release the 2014 sediment sampling and more in the Canagagigue Creek; CPAC and SWAT have decided to go it alone. How pathetic is that when you consider the hundreds of millions of dollars a year Ontario taxpayers spend for nothing more than a Ministry who pretend to protect the environment while substantially protecting corporate polluters.

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