Monday, June 8, 2015


I will be releasing a news release today advising that " Woolwich Mayor Sandy Shantz is in contravention of the Municipal Election Act". Along with the news release will be backup documentation showing three separate probable contraventions. I would rank two of them as 99% probable and number two as perhaps 70% probable. These contraventions include Sections 72 and 78 of the Elections Act. They are significant including one probable overdonation by a corporate contributer. Also included is the Mayor's unique accounting/mathematical calculations. I have compared her calculations on one particular item with both explanatory examples on the internet as well as with her fellow Mayoral and Councillor candidates. Her method appears to be both unique and incorrect. To say that of all the Council we would expect the Mayor to set an example is an understatement. That said as of the information currently available I am witholding judgement as to whether she has intentionally misrepresented or whether she simply isn't up to the job of filling out these forms correctly.

That members of Woolwich Council take legal requirements far too casually is another understatement. To date we have Scott Hahn and Mark Bauman with proven errors in their ability to follow the provincially legislated election rules. I believe based upon serious examination of the facts that Mayor Shantz will make three. I will also add that I have seen too many examples of this Council and senior Woolwich staff who believe that they either make up the rules themselves or that they can stickhandle around them. This is one reason for my diligence on these matters.

I would far rather be spending my time reading environmental reports rather than election rules and legislation. This Mayor and her sidekick Mark Bauman have pulled the plug on meaningful environmental public consultation. They have dishonestly attacked the character, competence and integrity of the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee. So tell me Sandy and Mark; how do you like having your competence and possibly character attacked albeit with honesty and transparency? This behaviour by both Mark and Sandy make my decision to hold them accountable for their multiple Election Act errors much easier.


  1. Can you provide a link to the news release! Thanks.

  2. There was supposed to be a story in Wednesday June 10 K-W Record. I've seen no sign of it so far. The reporter (Paige Desmond) advised me on Monday that it would be in. Hopefully it's in tomorrow's paper.