Monday, June 1, 2015


While there has been lots of comment both pro and con regarding Mark Bauman's illegal "suspension" or non-removal from office for eight days by Woolwich Township; last Friday's Woolwich Observer Editorial and cartoon have to be my favourite. The title of the Editorial is "Be thankful for those who bring errors to light". Of course as per the headline an alternate title could be "Don't shoot the messenger".

The cartoon is a belly laugher. It shows Todd Cowan, Scott Hahn, Mark Bauman and Clerk Val Hummel in the Woolwich Saloon nursing their injuries. Those wounds are all self inflicted bullet holes in one of their feet. While normally personal injuries caused by gunfire are no laughing matter; the expression "shooting oneself in the foot" is a well known, long established and publicly accepted saying.

The Editorial itself points out that the messengers namely myself and Dr. Dan Holt have both assisted the democratic process. Also "As a member of the Municipal Elections Act Compliance Audit Committee noted at Hahn's hearing, it's important that the public see politicians are not above the law, that they have to follow the rules."

The Observer's Editorial and cartoon both make critical comments regarding Township Clerk Val Hummel. While there is some basis for that I would remind both readers and the Observer that as per the Elections Act, primary and fundamental responsibilty for compliance is solely upon the candidate not the Clerk.

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