Wednesday, June 17, 2015


The above title was one of the comments I made last night as a Delegate to Woolwich Council. I was of course referring to their inability to follow the rules regarding election expense reports. From very obvious "All candidates shall file election expense reports" (Mark Bauman) to "They told me the signs were for free" (Scott Hahn) to our Mayor Shantz making a $2,600 mathematical error to her benefit; the implications of their incompetence are vast. Please note calling them incompetent is the lesser of the possibilities involved.

Regarding incompetence versus excessive support for the interests of a multi national, multibillion dollar corporation (Chemtura Canada); Mark and Sandy are again lucky if I feel that they are simply not too bright. Their manufactured crisis in league with Chemtura, of boycotting CPAC was disgusting. Their "pretend stakeholders" meeting with a group of grossly uninformed GRCA personnel and others even less knowledgable with the exception of three Chemtura toadies (Mark, Susan & Dwight) was typical politician sleight of hand. The pretext by Mark and Sandy of inventing two new council Committees in order to dissolve the current CPAC, contrary to Council's own Terms of Reference (October 29/13), is a sham and charade that would make past Councillor and CPAC Chair, Pat Mclean proud.

This folks is what this and most other Woolwich Councils are all about. It's an anti democratic abuse of authority combined with a constant usurping of authority they do not legally have. Just like our local school board it's all about getting your way while hiding behind rules, regulations, procedures and if needed lawyers and the courts. Very few good people get into politics and even fewer stay after even one term of being exposed to pathological lying and deception. It's about power, status and prestige for professional politicians at all levels. Hence they only support those groups or individuals who can help them realize their personal goals. The public interest only occurs when absolutely necessary or when it fortuitously coincides with these politicians ambitions.


  1. Why do you constantly think these people serve our community with total contempt and corruption? Does it ever occur to you these people are actually trying to do good or do what the MAJORITY of the people want?
    You are nothing more than a conspiracy theorist that no one takes seriously anymore simply because of your weekly whining and constant complaining along with manufacturing of EVIL CORRUPTION when all it is simple, HONEST mistakes that every HUMAN does once in a while.

  2. The reason I believe that is their neverending ability to serve the interests of the wealthy and powerful while making excuses that what's good for ...take your pick Exxon, Chemtura, Safety-Kleen etc. is good for t=everybody. It is not. perhaps if they wouldn't lie so constantly I might think that they have some honour and ethics. Constant lying by politicians has appropriately eroded public faith in them. People make jokes about lawyers and politicians for good reason.