Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Perhaps Woolwich Council have explicitly made it clear that real public consultation, much less Woolwich Township's perverted version to date, is a dangerous thing for Chemtura and other polluters. Nothing we the citizens have ever had has been remotely close to the real deal although this last four years plus has been the maximized version of pretend public consultation. I believe that Vivienne is correct in that the Pine River version in Michigan is the real deal. There the citizens said "never again" to allowing private corporations and their state government's shoddy environmental oversight to be in either unilateral or bilateral charge.

Sebastian's Delegation last evening was excellent as was Vivienne's, Dr. Dan Holt's, Graham's and mine. Sebastian of CPAC finally said the words "red herring" in describing Council's, M.O.E.'s and Chemtura's portrayal of me as loud and obnoxious. When I talk to choirboys I speak as such; when talking to professional filth, not so much. My contempt for all liars tends to show through. There will never be real public consultation as long as the polluter and his fellow travellors (Council, M.O.E., CRA) feel they have carte blanche to obfuscate, cheat, deceive and misrepresent ad infinitum.

Why are Woolwich Council shameless? Five Delegations in a row spoke truth to them. That truth included Council's falsehoods and vicious campaign against CPAC & SWAT. Yes some of the Delegations were subtle and careful in their criticism whereas at least three including mine were blunt and straightforward. Council ran interference for Chemtura and the M.O.E. for the last eight months making excuses for their boycott while scapegoating CPAC. Council were so told. They were also told that their behaviour initiated by Mayor Sandy Shantz around the April 9/15 "stakeholders" meeting was reprehensible.

They were grossly truth challenged in that April 9 meeting. The meeting was stacked in favour of Chemtura and the M.O.E.. It was a setup and a sham and was incredibly blatant and shameless. The false allegations against CPAC including comments referring to non-existent physical aggression were the comments of cowards. And yet those filth on Council showed no shame because they have none. Churchgoers my ass! Christians do not behave like that Sandy Shantz and Mark Bauman. Sociopaths do however.

Their hypocrisy includes their church attendance and it includes their public, kind words to CPAC last evening. Perhaps as they claim they want a couple of CPAC members on the new toothless and impotent by design, TAG committee. This would allow Council to avoid being the second Council in a row to clean the CPAC house completely. Afterall they wouldn't want the general public to understand that the process is totally politicized. However just because they publicly say they want some current CPAC members to continue means absolutely nothing. You can't trust pathological truth deniers any more than drug addicts.

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