Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Prior to the Woolwich Committee of the Whole meeting this evening, we have another meeting of MECAC (Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee) at 1 pm.. Their purpose today is to pick one of the three Auditors available to them in order to audit Councillor Scott Hahn's election expense report. Originally Councilor Hahn had claimed $258 worth of expenses above and beyond his $100 nomination fee. It is my understanding that he now confirms expenses of $3,200. These expenses do not include the value of steel posts he used to hold up his election signs. Scott's claim is that they were used posts (180 of them) lying around his backyard. Regardless he is required to put a value on them and include them in his election expenses report.

It is my opinion prior to hearing the Auditor's Report that two things will be made very clear by it. Firstly that Scott Hahn is in gross contravention of the Municipal Election Act. Secondly it is my belief that the Auditor will make it clear to Council that Scott's intentions could very easily be interpreted as an intentional attempt to misrepresent his election expenses by completely ignoring donations from his father's company TriMach Inc.. Personally I know that Council will not want to recommend that Scott's case be sent to the courts or a prosecuter. That said if the Auditor's report is as clear as it should be then I believe that Council will be between a rock and a hard place.

Tonite's Council meeting includes a Report prepared by CAO David Brenneman recommending dissolving CPAC's Terms of Reference and replacing them with his Recommendation for a totally new and different set. As indicated in my Saturday posting this new proposed Terms of Reference will please Chemtura and their partner in pollution, the Ontario Ministry of Environment, immensely. CPAC were not consulted nor given any warning prior to an e-mail late Friday afternoon regarding these dramatic and contrary to the public interest, changes.

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