Friday, June 26, 2015


O.K. my only excuse for the above title is that it is a prediction not a fact. In fact if I wanted to be a tad more inflammatory I would have referred to the rally as a fund raising rally for the next municipal election. Regardless today's Woolwich Observer is again fabulous. From their political cartoon and caption indicating that Mayor Shantz has cleansed Woolwich Township by removing CPAC and public oversight to the article which extensively criticizes Woolwich Council's decision; it is all on the money. Steve Kannon is nobody's fool. I am saddened to say that that is not the case with the other local newspaper and their editor. Gail Martin is but one more victim of the very same deceit and smooth talking that I also was for many years. Unfortunately a small minority of human beings spend their lives pretending and acting to be other than who they really are. Politicians in general fall into this category. It is why our governance at all levels is so bad.

Steve has quoted four CPAC members extensively namely Vivienne Delaney, Dr. Dan Holt, Dr. Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach and Graham Chevreau. CPAC member Ron Campbell was also present in support of CPAC (& SWAT) making for 100% attendance. While Rich Clausi and I were present, Dr. Henry Regier followed the proceedings on Rogers Cable 20. Council to their everlasting shame ignored CPAC's and my Delegation. Like good politicians they deflected and distracted and pretended to accept some mickey mouse amendments to their frankly asinine RAC & TAG committees. Their thick skin and ability to repel honest criticism was truly amazing. Their ability to virtually ignore and pretend that they were not accurately and honestly, publicly pilliored by informed Woolwich citizens and residents is actually kind of scary. It is why democracy is in the toilet when the arrogance and dogma of even local politicians allows them to ignore truth and facts, right and wrong, for their secret, personal agendas. Our Council are almost completely and unanimously beyond disgraceful and beyond redemption. Their handling of the CPAC file is as blatant as it gets and yet they even fooled one local media (newspaper) but as the saying goes "You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time.".

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