Thursday, September 22, 2022


 Well this most recent report is dated September 1/22 and I received it last evening September 21 after 8 pm. The next so called public meeting is RAC one week from today. Whether it was the MECP sitting on it or the Township the result is the same namely inadequate time to read it and prepare for the meeting. Keep in mind RAC only meet two to four times a year and I as a member of the unwashed masses can not ask questions or fully participate. I can give a brief verbal Delegation after which the good members of RAC to date have been unable to form any intelligent questions for me. Or conversely they've been told just like TAG not to engage with knowledgeable citizens because you will get burned.

The report is the result of both sediment and fish tissue sampling from two years ago. Yup two years ago. Well at least one can confidently say that the wait times in our hospital emergency departments aren't as bad as they are for MECP reports. Again there are issues with the sampling methodology both for sediments and for fish tissues. So what else is new? 

The results I've read so far are interesting although it is the subjective comments by the writer that really stand out. One fictitious example could be : "Fish are committing mass suicide by leaping out of the Creek water not due to dissolved pollution but more likely due to  fears of long term genetic damage from the Persistent Organic Pollutants present."  O.K. O.K. that's a major bit of writer's creativity on my part but hopefully you get the message. Give us the facts, the monitoring results and the health criteria and then if you can't comment in a neutral fashion then shut the hell up. 

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