Tuesday, September 6, 2022


 Last Saturday I indicated some of the data that both Lanxess and the Ont. Min. of Environment (MECP) appear very willing to overlook. This includes very sketchy sediment and soil samples in and along the Canagagigue Creek that conveniently have laboratory  Method Detection Limits far in excess of either provincial or federal criteria. This includes dioxin/furans, DDT & compounds plus Lindane. This permits so called Non-Detect results even for samples that exceed the health based criteria. Shameful beyond belief. Also included would be the very high concentrations of the same chemicals and more that allegedly were taken into consideration by the Risk Assessment of the Creek. What a perverse system when you can literally pretend that health based exceedances of some of the most toxic compounds known to mankind in and along the Creek can be brushed aside and deemed to be "acceptable risks". 

Next we have the utter hands over eyes, fingers in ears (and clothes pin on nose?) behaviour by Lanxess and the MECP in regards to the Stroh Drain, Ditch & Berm (SDDB). Wow! I expect that various mandarins and higher at the MECP have lost sleep in fear of their complicity (& conspiracy) in allowing the diversion of toxic east side liquid overflow to gravity flow onto the Stroh farm and property. I will suggest that the only TAG member to seriously object to Chemtura/Lanxess's refusal to do proper and full soil and sediment sampling throughout the Stroh Drain and southern half of their property has been Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach  who is also a CPAC member. The evidence of overland drainage onto the Stroh property includes soil samples along the border between the company and Stroh, groundwater results 240 metres east (away from) the border, two sediment samples and locations within the SDDB and two soil samples positive for dioxins/furans taken by myself and submitted to a professional and accredited laboratory. Lastly we have the agreed upon topographical (i.e. ground elevation) contours by the Region of Waterloo, GRCA, Conestoga Rovers and others. Water flows downhill except apparently in Woolwich Township and Elmira. Here by the magic of dishonesty, illusion, obtuseness and prevarication polluters, politicians and friends can make water flow in whatever direction serves them best. 

If this contemptible sham, farce and charade known as the Elmira "cleanup" is ever investigated by independent and honest brokers the results will appropriately forever tarnish the Ontario Ministry of Environment, their honesty and integrity as well as so many local, political fellow travellors.  

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