Tuesday, September 13, 2022


 Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the following Opinion piece by Daniel Brown and John Hale titled "Starving legal aid threatens justice". It is a litany of miscues, underfunding and low life politics intentionally undermining equal access to justice. In 2019 Legal Aid Ontario had their budget slashed by 30%. The number of cases that they could handle plummeted and as well unrealistic cost restrictions were put on the more complex cases. Yes certainly depriving defendants of equal resources and time as wealthier clients routinely access from private lawyers is disgusting. Furthermore it turns out that money can buy both better health care as well as better justice. Truly contemptible and shameful in this country.

Here is my first comment to that article: justice in Ontario is not "threatened" it is long dead. Any jurisdiction that does not have equal justice to all, black, white, rich, poor, professionals, labourers, young, old, male, female 2SLGBQT etc. is not a just jurisdiction or a just society. It is a sham and a joke when justice is only available to the wealthy. It is a sham and a joke when it is only available to those discriminated against and mistreated by the justice system who have enough money to turn around and appeal a stupid ass judge's non-factual, personally biased decision to a higher (and more expensive) court. If you were denied legal aid initially and had to run a four week trial on your own then where exactly are you going to have the means to finance an appeal for God's sakes?  

Speaking of stupid ass, non-factual and personally biased decisions one who immediately comes to mind is the dishonourable Robert Reilly. How in the name of God can such an assh.le continue on ruining people's lives with his in court behaviour? Why has he not been thrown out on his ass decades ago? Is this the equivalent to the "blue wall" whereby police lie to protect the jobs of police officers who break the law? Is this the equivalent of the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) covering up and "passing the trash" of incompetent and grossly bad teachers (i.e. Ron Archer etc.)? Is this similar to the College of Teachers who used to be just wonderful at revoking teachers' licenses only AFTER they'd been convicted of a criminal offence.

Justice in Ontario does not exist for the majority of us. It never has. It never will as long as money, personality, appearance, contacts, status and important connections rule the day. Justice is reserved as a playground for the wealthy. Depending on which definition you choose JUSTICE in Ontario is CORRUPT.  "Just Us" in the title above refers to judges, police, Crowns, lawyers, politicians, the wealthy and the politically connected. The "Just Us" system protects its' own and that's NOT US. 

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