Thursday, September 29, 2022


 The meeting first of all is virtual? Why? I believe because it is so much easier for the "guilty" parties to control dissent and disagreement. One word, perhaps as harsh as "dang" and you can be cut off. An attempted rebuttal to an improper interruption by the Chair or anyone else and you can be cut off. See where I'm going with this?

The Report that I will be commenting on is poorly written in spots. It clearly has not been properly edited for spelling and grammar. It is not consistent within itself with units of measure as it uses synonyms without clarification. The text sometimes disagrees with the data in Figures and Tables. What data there is basically has a very simple pattern. Upstream above Uniroyal/Lanxess has low to very low concentrations  of toxic chemicals. Downstream however in all contaminants the data shows high to very high concentrations. This Ministry of Environment (MECP) report is not satisfied with those obvious patterns. The report grasps at other vague "patterns" throughout. I would characterize this report being as much of a political report as a "scientific" report. The MECP clearly are promoting a narrative. Part of that narrative is the usual: smile, be happy, all is well in the environment and Big Brother loves you and is all knowing and all powerful so if you have any criticisms you will be edited out. 

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