Monday, September 19, 2022


 Tacit or explicit our political authorities are in agreement not to talk to or respond to anyone who is not willing to go with the flow. The flow is towards pretending that the public have been and are being protected from the worst effects of pollution locally. They are not. The flow is towards always minimizing and denying the worst effects of pollution locally in and around Elmira. This of course includes the disgusting releases of toxic fumes from Uniroyal, Crompton and Chemtura over the decades onto the local population. This includes toxic drinking water for decades before the Ontario Ministry of Environment suddenly "discovered" NDMA in our drinking wells in 1989. This includes the ongoing environmental, wildlife and human damages being done by dioxins/furans, DDT, PCBs and mercury in the soils and sediments of the Canagagigue Creek. 

Lanxess Canada the most recent corporate iteration of Uniroyal are in the process of wrapping everything up with a bow and with the blessing of the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP) lying further to the public by declaring the Elmira "cleanup" a success. It is far from a success. They have achieved this sham only with the tacit or explicit cooperation of Woolwich Township, Region of Waterloo, MECP, province of Ontario and even the federal government. Elmira's toxic legacy is a smelly can of worms everyone wants to keep well away from. Deny, deny, deny is the flavour of the day. Serious opposition installed by the 2010-2014 Woolwich Council namely CPAC were slandered and lied about by both then councillor Mark Bauman and by new Mayor Sandy Shantz. They took the lead in dishonestly and nastily dismantling the best and most honest CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) there had ever been. 

I believe that the "Elmira Conspiracy" is on the road to both corporate and political fame. Professional liars, both private and public, will long study the methodology of selling their lies to the public while simultaneously undermining and removing legitimate citizen opposition. Capturing the media is part of the conspiracy although I optimistically hope that is not yet complete. All of this work does require extreme manipulation and cooperation. Obviously the more conspirators involved the greater the complexity and  opportunities for individual screwups. Perhaps that is our only remaining hope: incompetence and error amongst the multitude of guilty parties. 

The facts are there if ever an honest body wishes to see them. If you think that I am exaggerating even a little then simply look at where we are with Climate Change and Global Warming. Even the corporate zealots (oil & gas etc.) have decades too late given up denying Climate Change. Now it's a pretend cooperation while dragging the last few billion dollars in profits from a global system that is destroying us and the Earth. 

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